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The Premium Concierge Service for Private Banking Customers

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Digital service design represents a significant opportunity for banking to redefine customer relationships today. The premium customer segment of Raiffeisen Private Banking was the ideal target to launch "Raiffeisen Gute Beziehungen" – a premium digital concierge and networking service designed to meet the exclusive needs of its customers. This innovative offering aims to connect customers' unique demands with unparalleled solutions, providing a next-generation service that distinguishes Raiffeisen in the marketplace. Through this initiative, Raiffeisen is setting a new benchmark in banking by prioritizing personalized, digital-first experiences that cater to the sophisticated needs of their premium clientele. We guided Raiffeisen from the initial concept through to development, and all the way to its market introduction.


Setting up a
premium Business

Raiffeisen's concept of a premium concierge service, leveraging their extensive customer network, generated significant momentum, drawing many to participate. This service, embodied by human concierges, introduced customers to the network through a step by step check-in session on tablets. This process collected their essential information, adhering to banking security standards and captured their personal interests, competencies and desired types of collaboration. Within months, the network was established and operational. Members were then digitally connected to their concierges via a personal app, facilitating seamless interaction and collaboration.

Bringing a Connected Idea to Life

Smart Digital-
Analog Network

Raiffeisen 'Gute Beziehungen' offers a sophisticated service that provides seamless interaction with its customers. From the moment a request is made to the initial concierge proposals, it's almost instantaneous. The concierge can digitally scan the network for demand-matching pairs, often finding solutions in real-time, such as the required know-how and competencies. 'Gute Beziehungen' stands out by delivering additional value to premium customers, offering customized solutions that meet their specific needs through access to the Raiffeisen network. JTM developed a comprehensive ecosystem, from the tablet check-in app to the platform and concierge cockpit, all the way to the customer app, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.

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